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Cross post: Hornblower remix challenge

Hornblower Remix Challenge
It gives me great pleasure to announce the 2011 [info]following_sea Hornblower Remix Challenge!

What is a Remix?

In this ficathon, you will take a fanwork produced by somebody else and re-imagine it. You might change the POV, mood or dialogue, or you might turn a fic into a poem, fanvid or piece of art. Or vice versa, perhaps that fanvid might inspire you to write a story? You should keep the basic plot and pairing of the original though; otherwise, you're writing a new story, not remixing. The idea is to creatively play in your partner's "canon" to expose some new perspective in their work, while still respecting the basics of the original.

How does it work?

Sign up for the [info]hornblowerremix comm and tell us where to find your fics, art or videos along with any preferences or restrictions you may have. We will assign each of you to remix the work of another participant. You then look at that person's body of work and select one piece to remix. These remixed versions will be posted to the comm on the deadline day.

ETA Just to clarify: if you want to participate, please sign up for the [info]hornblowerremix comm and add your details to the sign up post here.

Sounds great! When's the deadline?

If you'd like to play please sign up on the comm by the 28th of February and we will assign a partner for you to remix by the 14th of March. The deadline for contributions to be submitted is the 4th of July. If you have any quesitons or queries about this challenge please don't hesitate to contact [info]mylodon or [info]anteros_lmc

Here's looking forward to some fabulous remixes!

Cross posted to [info]following_sea and various other comms.

fic: tell me not (sweet)

Title: tell me not (sweet)
Fandom: Hornblower(set specifically during The Duchess and The Devil)
Pairing: N/A, though if you read it as pre-slash Horatio/Archie, it would be in keeping with the spirit I wrote it in. :D
Rating/Content: General audiences, some veiled references to Archie's history with Simpson. :(
Length: ~800 words
Summary: Upon their return to El Ferrol, Archie and Horatio discuss the Indy--and more specifically, one of its past officers.
Notes: Serves as a missing scene, namely the Horatio-mentions-what-happened-to-Simpson scene. As this is the first Horatio Hornblower story I've finished, feedback would be well-appreciated. ♥

tell me not (sweet)

Hornblower video.

Hey everyone!

I am someone who is semi-new to Livejournal, although I joined a few years ago I forgot I had an account until recently!  Anyway, I am a big Hornblower fan and I recently made a fan video on Youtube for him.  I know this is meant to be "fiction" so please tell me if it is the wrong sort of thing to be posting but I thought some of you might like to see it.

Ok it's quite light hearted and I only spent an afternoon on it (it's what I do when I'm sick) so it's not great, but it was so entertaining to make.

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Fic: The Light of Day

Series: Hornblower (TV movieverse)
Title: The Light of Day (sequel to The Dark of the Night)
Episode: The Duchess and the Devil
Rating: G
Characters: Archie, Horatio
Genre: Angst, vignette
Author's notes: Even more indulgent than the first part, but I had to give Archie a happy ending somehow.

The Light of Day

Apologies for cross-posting

Fallen Angel

Title~ Fallen Angel
Author~ Me!! (watchthehorns)
Rating~ R
Type~ Angst, Slash, Hurt with not much comfort, suggested non-con (not grapic)
Pairing~ Horatio/Archie (not very obvious but will be developed later) Archie/Simpson
Summary~ That night he lay awake; determined not to give Simpson the satisfaction of seeing him prostrate and fitting with fear; determined not to prompt further dislike and irritation in his shipmates, he knew they only just tolerated him now; determined not to embarrass himself in front of a possible new friend, only friend

A/N: Watching Hornblower in bed because I'm not too well at the moment (icky cold) and I remebered how much I love Archie and his angst and so I was cruel to the poor boy, it started as a drabble about the folding of shirts and kinda took hold and flourished. I'll probably write more for this at some point... so let me know what you guys think!

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Trouble with Bullies and Ghosts - part 1

Title - Trouble with Bullies and Ghosts
Rating - G/PG13
Characters - Dr. Hornblower, Horatio Hornblower.
Disclaimer - I do not own.
Summary - When Horatio is dragged home and accused of bullying, Horatio needs to find out what the real trouble is with Horatio.
Sequel to "In Strong Arms"
Part 1



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In Strong Arms

I got inspired a bit today. So here is a Kid Fic of Horatio. I think I may make a series of him growing up, random moments probably, till he reaches the Navy.

In Strong Arms

Rating - G

Summary - Dr. Hornblower just wants his son to be happy.


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